Woodland Artwork

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My husband and I created these fun and unique woodland prints while preparing for our little one's nursery! We loved them so much we wanted to make them available as prints for those who would like them too! 

These prints would be a great addition to a woodland themed nursery, cabin, or just a fun piece to display on a bookshelf or empty spot on your wall! Here is the set of four, at the bottom of this post we have information on the 8 x 10 prints available to order.

Available on Etsy - link:
Thank you Cassie! The prints are available for purchase on Etsy - click on the link below

Shop name: Spindle Life

Thank you,
Lauren Spindle


Turtle Sunrise :: Illustration

Turtle Sunrise

 I am so thankful for the opportunity presented to me earlier this year by my sweet and talented friend, Ann Higginbottom.  Ann had been dreaming about the creation of this book for years and I was so honored when she asked me illustrate Turtle Sunrise. Illustrating a book has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl! I love how God is constantly placing people like Ann in my life to help me glorify Him and take me on new adventures. I hope you enjoy Ann's story of three turtle brothers and their journey to the sea!

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   You know it's a good book when Smitty wants to read it with you!
Preston took the photos below during the creation of the paintings with his softbox, love the lighting 
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It was so exciting getting this in the mail yesterday!!Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo
You can purchase Turtle Sunrise here!
Thank you for taking the time to view some of my work :)


Poppy :: Vintage Frame

Vintage Poppy
3" x 4"
Oils and pencil on watercolor paper


Darcy :: Pet Portrait

8" X 10"
Acrylic, charcoal pencils on watercolor paper

In the collection of Sunni Clements


North American Wildlife

 I was recently asked to create two paintings for a pediatric dentist's office in Texarkana, Texas. The theme was North American wildlife and I could not have been more excited to begin working on these paintings! When I was a little girl I was constantly drawing wild animals in my sketch books so getting to create them for children on such a large scale was really fun for me. Thank you Preston Spindle for taking these photos of me with my latest paintings and putting up with my big painting messes in our little home!
Acrylic on canvas
48" X 60"
Acrylic on canvas
48" X 60"
Preston says this is my artist Heisman pose haha!
It was a little chilly outside during this photo shoot, so thankful to have a husband who entertains my interesting ideas :)


Kuraray Commission

 Kuraray Commission #1
Mixed media on canvas
30" x 40"

 Kuraray Commission #2
Mixed media on canvas
30"x 40" feet
I am so honored to create these paintings for Kuraray America. Hope they enjoy these creations on their office walls for years to come.
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