Before and After - Art Cabinet!


I have been searching for a perfect art supply cabinet for a very long time. Preston and I looked all over Houston for one and had a few fun flea market trips with no luck. Last week I finally found the perfect piece!

. . . except it needed some help.

It was missing doors, had a broken back, and needed a shelf for more storage. However, I have been blessed with a creative handy man and this weekend he transformed this piece and gave it a second chance:AFTER!

Preston added customized doors with trim, a paint brush holder, shelf, new back, and copper knobs! I gave this art cabinet a good cleaning, a new coat of paint, and glossy finish. I am so pleased with the result and decided that Preston never ceases to amaze me

The paint brush box was a wonderful idea!

A side view and pretty copper knobs
My hard working husband
Finally, the perfect place for all my artsy things :)

We had a lot of fun this weekend and I'm so thankful for this man and his parents. Preston's dad let us take over the garage, gave us helpful hints, and let us use his tools and extra wood pieces!

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