I love thrift stores

Today was a good thrifting day! I have been on an art supply cabinet hunt for a while now and have been very picky about it, just ask Preston. Today I finally found what I've been searching for...as well as a few other items...

I can't wait to help Preston work his magic on my new-old cabinet!

White cabinet: $30

Hopefully this weekend we are going to put a new back on it, doors, and new artsy handles!

Luggage rack: $4

I have been on the look out for a cheap one since last year.

I picked up this old necklace last minute for $2, I love its details.

The lamp was $3, I purchased it in college and I will probably always want to keep it. The red shelf with ceramic drawers was $7, with an old expensive price tag on the back that made me smile. I loved the little wooden box, it was $1.

Cabinet+ceramic drawer shelf + box + necklace + luggage rack + lamp= $47!
Not too bad for some new fun decor.

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